12,000 BTU, 15 SEER - Cooling Only
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Klimaire 12,000 BTU, 15 SEER - Cooling Only - Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner - 110 V .

After rigorous engineering and extensive research, Klimaire’s KSIN012-C115 is capable of Ductless cooling up to 600 sq ft, with advanced DC Technology to create an unmatched comfort, reliability and 15 SEER efficiency in the N Series. Along with its Sleek, stylish and quiet design, the N series is capable of delivering an intelligent air conditioning experience with an Industry first, Refrigerant Leak Detection Monitor, Anti Cold Draft, Auto restart modes and smooth yet versatile dynamic auto louvers. The N Series With its advanced 180 Degree Sine Wave DC inverter driven technology, Brushless DC motor, Twin cam compressor and simple, yet Integral design, delivers a reliable system that will bring money saving efficiency for years on end. You can rest assure that climate control is virtually in your hands with its easy to understand, digital LCD remote control. Klimaire has created the ultimate home comfort system, with easy to install air conditioning for any area. Klimaire backs this up with its professional support and Limited Warranty since 1989, to bring you peace of mind – year after year.

Additional Features:

• 15 SEER efficiency
• DC inverter technology
• Cools and De Humidifies up to 600 sq. ft
• Whisper-quiet operation
• Electronic remote control with full-function
• LCD display
• Turbo mode
• 3 fan speeds
• Quick access, washable air filter
• Low ambient heating, down to 5º F
• Auto level swing
• 24-hour programmable timer
• Sleep mode
• Dehumidifying mode
• Auto Restart
• Quick-access, washable air filter
• Corrosion resistant cabinet
• No window space required for installation
  • Item #: KSIN012-C115-I/KSIN012-C115-O

12,000 BTU, 15 SEER - Cooling Only

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