21 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater 240 Volt Stainless Steel
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Maxwell presents its newly designed and improved electric tankless water heaters, thermostatically controlled, 
that constantly monitors the temperature and the flow rate of the water coming in to maintain the water temperature
at the set point, providing you instantly on demand endless hot water supply with a 99% efficiency,
so you will save up to 50% of the energy cost for water heating. The sleek, lightweight, attractive and compact design
gives plenty of installation options. Locating your heater at a convenient spot you will get maximum performance
and reduced the water consumption at point of use or the whole house water heating applications.
Since there is no inefficient mixing of cold water involved there is no lengthy recovery time,
stand by heat losses and decay of efficiency over life as with traditional tanked water heaters.


·Endless hot water supply on demand

·Saves up to 50% on water heating costs

·Space-saving compact design

·99% plus energy efficient with minimal standby loss

·Sleek, lightweight and modern design fits most applications

·Instant hot water at point-of-use applications reduces waiting
time and water consumption

·Much longer life expectancy over conventional water heaters

·No hot water storage, thus reducing mineral deposits and lime
scaling to prevent efficiency reduction over time.

·Easy installation with provided accessories

·Environmentally friendly - no venting required -

·Compact design (15 ⅛ H x 10 ⅛ W x 3 ½ D) inches wall mounting
saves valuable floor space


·Case completely made of stainless steel, corrosion proof and age resistant, for long service life.

·Patented heating technology – enclosed loop heating system for instant
hot water with less heating loss, nano insulation material totally separates
water from electricity

·Reliability – Multi-layer structure heating chamber forms a long circulating
water channel resulting in a long life span, less lime scale

·Multi-protection devices – electricity, leakage, anti-scalding, over-pressure,
over-temperature, and electricity isolation

·Digital temperature control - Direct temperature setting, from 86º F -127º F,
allows you to get constant hot water at the precise temperature for maximum
comfort and suitable for different applications; memory function avoids
repeating settings.

·Convenience - LED wide screen touch button displays the working conditions,
outlet temperature, working time, and power consumption.

·Advanced micro-processor control - Self-diagnostic function automatically
monitors and displays working conditions, providing constant temperature
water flow by engaging heating elements in stages

·Soft Start. – Power is regulated to avoid excessive startup surge.
  • Item #: MS-MS210C2TMU

21 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater 240 Volt Stainless Steel

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