36,000 Btu 15 SEER DC Inverter Ductless MiniSplit Heat A/C
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Klimaire KSIL single zone inverter series are AHRI certified and represent the leading edge in energy efficient air conditioning products that not only lower your electricity bill by up to 40%, but also could bring you a tax credit when you upgrade your air conditioning and heating installation with this high energy efficient unit. These highly efficient units are the option of choice for their efficiency in a multitude of residential and commercial applications, such as in retrofits, add-ons, or multifamily home, computer rooms, small offices, doctor’s practices, convenience stores, historical properties, warehouse offices, beauty parlor and more, that is applications where comfort alone is the most valuable function.

Your Klimaire KSIL uses the inverter technology to provide maximum comfort by reducing temperature fluctuations, which translates in savings of up to 40% on energy consumption, compare to a standard mini-split units. The inverter adjusts the compressor to run at variable speed depending on the demand to supply precise temperature control, to increase the level of comfort compared to an on/off unit. These units have great zone flexibility, as well as the potential to condition a whole house replacing a central air conditioning system.

The KSIL wall mounted fan coil blends perfectly into your ambient, providing utmost comfort either in cooling or heating operation.


  • Auto re-start when the unit is turned off it will store the previous function settings and when the power is on again it will re-start with those settings.
  • Two directional air vane, the air vanes open counter-clockwise in cooling mode to direct the air horizontally, allowing rapid and evenly distributed temperature decrease. In heating mode, the air vane opens clockwise directing the air towards the floor, to rise the temperature rapid and evenly.
  • Active carbon filter made of active carbon and electrostatic fiber eliminates certain kind of odors and deactivates certain harmful chemical gases. By forming positive charge regions on the filter it traps small dust particle, smoke, and pet fur to prevent allergic reactions.
  • Turbo mode, this function allows the unit to reach the preset temperature in the shortest time.
  • Golden fin, advance golden plate hydrophilic aluminum foil keeps the indoor unit free of contamination, washing away dust and grease that builds up on the evaporator increasing the efficiency.
  • LCD display, the control panel adopts an LCD display.
  • Sleep mode at the touch of a button the Klimaire KSIM automatically adjusts the room temperature during the sleep time, and operates very quiet.
  • Temperature compensation, with this function the indoor unit adjusts automatically to eliminate the temperature difference between ceiling and floor sections of the room.
  • Timer, the timer can be set to start, ON, and stop, OFF, at any point during a 24 hour operation.
  • Freeze protection, when in heating operation the preset temperature of the can be as low as 46 ºF, which keeps the room temperature steady and prevents household from freezing when the house is vacant for a long time during severe cold weather.
  • No window space required for installation.

  • Item #: MS-KSIL036-H215

36,000 Btu 15 SEER DC Inverter Ductless MiniSplit Heat A/C

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