9,000 Btu Klimaire PTAC  Terminal Heat Pump & A/C
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9,000 Btu Klimaire PTAC Packaged Terminal Heat Pump Air Conditioner - 3kw Backup Heater - Wall - 220V - BASE UNIT

Klimaire Package Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) and Heat Pump (PTHP) units are designed to provide year round comfort in hotel, motel, office buildings, nursing homes, class rooms, apartments, dormitories, and hospitals. They can easily fit to most 42 inch x 16 inch (WxH) existing wall sleeves.

The broad selection of Klimaire PTAC and PTHP units are ideal for new constructions and replacement applications. The KTHN package terminal units are durable, quiet, reliable, and easy to maintain. Standard features provide maximum flexibility to meet any application requirement as well as reduce installation and labor costs.


  • Power Cord – Factory supplied power cord with 3-prong grounding plug and current detection device with reset.
  • Memory function to keep unit settings - Upon a power failure all of the settings are stored.
  • When the power is restored the unit will re-start in the mode in which it was previously set. This function eliminates all discomfort during unattended sleep operation.
  • Compressor restart delay - Prevents short-cycling the compressor and to extend the overall life of the air conditioner. There is a 3 minute delay to equalize refrigerant pressures for optimizing cycling.
  • Evaporator freeze protection - When the evaporator temperature is too low this vital function prevents the evaporator to freeze by turning off the compressor to prevent liquid slugging the compressor, but keeping the indoor fan running continuously.
  • Automatic change over (heat pump models only) - When the outdoor coil temperature gets too cold the unit will automatically switch to electric heating and the compressor will shut off. The compressor will resume operation when the outdoor temperature raises enough.
  • Comfort quick warm-up (heat pump models only) - Once the room temperature falls 8º F below the set temperature, the compressor in the heat pump mode shuts off and the auxiliary electric strip heater is turned on for one cycle until heating set parameters are satisfied.
  • Last generation control panel - Control panel has LED indicators and push buttons for MODE, FAN, POWER and set points UP and DOWN. The control can display the temperature either in ºF or ºC.
  • High temperature safety protection - In heating mode the compressor and electric heater will be switched off once the indoor air supply temperature becomes too high to prevent any damage to the unit.
  • Easy to clean filter - Pull out long life polypropylene dust collector filter offers effective air filtration and is easy to clean and to maintain without opening the intake front panel.
  • Easy to use controls - KTHM control panel is designed for simple operation. Controls are easy to read, understand, and activate by the help of LED lights showing current status. This is ideal for commercial applications eliminating phone calls to floor managers.
  • Customized set point temperature limits provide a restricted range of temperature control for commercial applications reducing power consumption of the building.
  • Fresh air intake - Adjustable fresh air intake flap provides the outside air requirements for commercial or residential applications with built-in polypropylene dust collector filter.

  • Item #: KTHN009E3H211-B

9,000 Btu Klimaire PTAC Terminal Heat Pump & A/C

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