Clean Comfort UV Coil Purifier 24V 14 Inch Lamp
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UV Light Helps Maintains Healthy IAQ and Extends Central Air Conditioning & Heating Lifespan

Ultraviolet lamps have been used in a wide range of sterilization applications for almost 100 years, including water treatment, food processing and disinfection of hospital equipment. Clean Comfort UV coil purifiers for air handlers employ the same technology, using germicidal UV-C light to inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses and other microbes such as mold on the evaporator coil of your home’s heating and cooling system.

Proven, chemical-free air purification
24-hour protection, even when air conditioning is not running
Contributes to energy-savings by maintaining evaporator’s coil’s heat transfer efficiency
The dark, cool and damp environment of an evaporator coil offers ideal conditions for sustaining mold growth. If left to flourish, the mold will become airborne and circulate throughout your home. This will impact your family’s health, especially for those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments. Additionally, mold creates a foul-smelling odor and shortens the lifespan of air conditioning and heating systems.

UC18S14-24 | Clean Comfort UV Coil Purifier 24V 14 Inch Lamp

The UC series coil purifier is installed in the ductwork of your central heating and cooling system and shines UV light on the evaporator coil and coil pan around the clock. The UVC light attacks the DNA of microbes, preventing them from replicating and eventually destroying them. Because ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) has been used for decades to help deactivate microbes without emitting chemicals, it is considered a proven and environmentally-friendly method for sterilizing indoor air.

Clean Comfort’s UV coil purifier with a 24 volt, single 14 Inch lamp maintains your indoor air quality and your HVAC system without harsh chemicals. These coil purifiers operate 24/7 even when your heating and cooling system is not operating.

Energy efficient, low voltage, electronic ballast operates on only 24 volts and is moisture sealed for HVAC applications
Protective, clear lamp boot makes lamp replacement easy while providing protection against moisture
Custom lamp flange allows lamp to be installed directly in A-coil delta plate for optimal UV exposure
Additional Features

Suitable for residential air handler installations
Connects to 24V power at control panel
24V electronic power supply
Custom bracket allows unlimited placement of lamp near cooling coil or surface
14” lamp length
Lamp Life: 9,000 hours continuous operation
Moisture-resistant lamp connection
6 foot lamp cord
Patented for delta plate installations
Your Clean Comfort UV Coil Purifier 24V 14 Inch Lamp Comes With:

UC18S14-24| Clean Comfort UV Coil Purifier 24V 14 Inch Lamp
User’s Manual
Manufacturer Warranty

3 year limited warranty on power supply
1 year limited warranty on lamp
  • Item #: MM-HCGMC2383

Clean Comfort UV Coil Purifier 24V 14 Inch Lamp

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